The end of this week and Foxmarks

Friday today (yay!), the last day of the working-week. I actually don’t feel as tired as I usually do at this hour, which is pretty odd. Next week I work only three days, being that Thursday and Friday is a part of the Easter-Holiday here in Norway, and lasts till Monday. It’s been a pretty interesting week, I’ve done quite a bit of work, and even had time to study for my RHCT-test that’s coming up after Easter. Pretty nervous about that to be honest, and being that I’ve never really touched a RedHat-type of OS, I’m even more shook up. But still, having worked with Linux for these past few years should count for something. 🙂 Having glanced over the pages in the book I’m reading, I pretty much know most of the stuff. So, a good luck to me!

Now, my co-worker has again informed me of a little miracle-addon called Foxmarks. Quoting their website:

The Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer automatically synchronizes your bookmarks between two or more computers running Firefox. It also lets you access your bookmarks from any computer anytime via An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the quick startup process. Then Foxmarks works silently in the background to keep your bookmarks up-to-date on all your computers.

I’ve been using it for the past week, and loving it! Give it a try you too. And download Firefox!

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