Yet another difficult week

Seems like every week brings a challenge to my life, only this time it’s more serious than ever. If you happened to catch a post I wrote a few weeks back, you noticed that I spoke of my grandfather Raul being ill, and one of his last wishes was to visit us in Norway before he passed away. The news that I’ve been hearing from Chile indicates that it’ll happen soon..

He’s had 3 or 4 major heart attacks in the past, and the doctors say that his heart is down to 5% functionality. 5%! That’s nothing at all! He can’t stand up, or do any physical labor, as just one wrong move can give him another heart attack, which may very well be his last one. He takes everything with a smile though. I’ve never seen nor heard anyone be so calm, and he acts all normal, joking around, pretending to flirt with the nurses, really! I guess it’s like my mother says, when we see him, we see him so full of life, a spark that we never would even think would fade. That just makes it even harder to comprehend that he is in fact very old, bordering on 87. And 87 years, that’s quite a bit. Just imagine what he’s been through, his experience, both good and bad. And he has said so himself, he has lived a good life, and if there ever was a moment for him to pass on, it was now. He’s going into surgery next week, between Tuesday and Thursday. The doctors give him a 30% chance of surviving the operation, and if he does, they may extend his life a little bit..

My thoughts are with you, grandfather.

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