RHCE and Linpro

Friday again, the end of the week. It has been a very long one, as I’ve attended a RH253-class, and I tend to get real sleepy during that type of thing. But I did learn quite a bit, the instructor sure knows his stuff. Based on what I’ve learned the past week, I’ve decided to attempt to defeat my nemesis; the RHCE-exam next week. After having passed RHCT, I thought I was done with studying for a while. I guess I was wrong. :P I’ll just have to hit the books again, and study like mad. Hopefully I’ll be able to call myself a Red Hat Certified Engineer by the end of next week.

Today has actually been quite a pleasant day, and to end it even better, allow me to explain what my workplace, Linpro is like. It’s a place packed with people that are passionate about Linux, and Open Source in general. Kind and intelligent people (the total opposite of me, in other words :P), that you can actually have a decent conversation with. And they really care about their employees, which I’m about to tell. With about 1 hour left till I had to head home, two of my co-workers were walking around the office, handing out icecream to people. Yes, ICECREAM! How’s that for nice! And as I ate my icecream, worked some more, I packed my things and headed for the elevator. The mingle-area was packed with people, laughing, having a beer, AND our gaming room (with XBox, Nintendo Wii, PS3 that the COMPANY has bought for our joy!) was also packed with people just having fun. It’s amazing what they do to take care of the people, just makes me like the place more!

Oh how I do love my workplace. ;)

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