You think you know someone

..but in the end they prove you wrong. I bet you’ve felt like that at least once during your lifetime. I know I have.

I quit playing WoW a few months back, but have recently begun again, just an hour or two a day. After I decided to delete my characters, I’ve been more at ease when it comes to the game. Not being able to play the same amount of hours as I did before certainly has its flaws – more difficult to get gear, not much instancing or raiding, but then again I spend much more time with Marte and Michael, and that alone is worth it a thousand times over.

Before I quit playing I ended up having an argument with a good friend, which happened to be the guildmaster of my current guild at that moment. We didn’t speak for a while, and at one point I thought we would never speak again. Luckily we sorted things out, apologised, and now we’re back to being friends.

I had another good friend, or so I thought, in that guild. Before deleting my characters I sold all of my gear, and gave whatever coin I had to him. I sincerely thought we were good friends, but it seems that was only in WoW. Not a word from this person, even though he has me on Facebook, and has my msn-address. I guess we aren’t/weren’t as good friends as I thought. That’ll teach me..again, won’t it.

I’m really glad things got sorted out with my former guildmaster, we speak even more these days than before. As for the other friend, well, I’m speaking to him on WoW as we speak. But it feels like the last time. I’m pretty sure is the last time.

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