A step in the right direction

This is my first real 2010 post I guess. Tomorrow work awaits, so I’m getting ready for bed as we speak. Bed by ten? Yep, that’s the way of life for someone who has to get up damn early in the morning.

So first of, Tales of Vesperia for the Xbox 360 is -awesome-. I really recommend it for people who like RPG type of games. Also, Marte, the IPod Touch has saved my life. Reading on it with Stanza is awesome.

I’m awaiting Lost Odyssey in the mail, and going nuts!

Now that I’ve whined, over to some gratitude.

Life, right now, is wonderful. I have a wonderful girl by my side, and we have two lovely sons. Our newborn, Noah, seems to be awake more during the night than during the day. But when he opens his eyes, it’s hard to imagine that he is seeing some things for the very first time, and feeling things. Like his dad’s ticklish beard in his face, or his mom’s long hair. Michael is growing every minute, and he’s starting to make decisions for himself, starting to find out who he is. It’s really amazing. I can’t imagine a life without these three, and that is what I mean by a step in the right direction. Things were really difficult for me and the Mrs in the past, but things seem to finally be turning our way. We’re sure working to make it that way. So here’s for 2010, hopefully a wonderful year for our little family.

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