What a journey

The time is 05:53 in the morning, and I’ve been up at least two hours. I am SO tired! Our two lovely sons have kept me awake most of the night, our youngest having been awake the most. The 7th of January I should be back at work, and the reason for the lack of activity on this blog, amongst other things, has been because I’ve been on a paternity leave since November. It’s been a great, exhausting journey, but I wouldn’t have been without it. During this time I’ve really connected with my kids, especially our youngest, Noah. And I even got to see his first steps! That’s just amazing, and now he keeps on walking like there’s no tomorrow. As for Michael, wow, he has developed his language, is able to express himself better, and really seems to be growing into a young boy. He likes his toy cars, dad’s tools and like to draw everywhere. Including on his little brother. Some of the (now) funnier experiences with the boys have been:

  • Michael showering our room with cinnamon
  • Michael deciding to wash the floor of his room with milk
  • Michael getting up during the night, robbing the fridge for food, hiding under the covers of his bed eating
  • Michael drawing on walls, furniture and his little brother
  • Noah eating from our dog’s/cat’s food bowl

As you can see, Michael has done most of the things mentioned. I am less than keen to see if Noah ends up doing the same stuff as his brother. Did I mention that I’m tired?

Anyway, besides having spent time with my sons, I’ve really gotten into the role of being a father, and I’ve finally achieved something that was difficult for me – getting my driverslicense. We’ve remodeled our kitchen, and Marte and I are in a great place when it comes to our relationship. So things are going really really well. I have to admit though, I am a bit scared of starting to work again, I’m concerned that I’ve lost some of my skill. I had such plans before going on this paternity leave. I was going to study during the evenings, perhaps a bit during the day if I had time. Time, hah, never did I know what it took to take care of two kids. Needless to say I respect more mothers all over the world – taking care of children, wow, that’s something.

So, now you know. The blog has been pretty dormant, mainly because of the paternity leave, but I’m hoping that things will pick up once I start working again. But, that remains to be seen.

Ah well, so long for now.

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