Projects, projects, projects

I get envious when I come upon people that have such a passion for things they do. For instance, my friend Stian, he has so many projects going on it’s insane. He’s been coding an email-client in perl, which he’s named Inlook (brilliant name – Microsoft’s Outlook, get it?), he also has a music-project, and he’s trying to write a novel. Another friend, Kenneth, is always looking for new stuff to try out, especially when it comes to media – ripping his own DVD’s, always finding and testing out what the best alternatives are. At last I’ve found something to get me going. I’ve been working on two things of late – a way to get hold of your passwords through a terminal or SSH, in a safe and easy way, and making an open source pastebin. Here’s a screenshot of both projects:

sps is pretty simple – as not only do you not need a graphical interface to manage it, but it’s dependencies are rather common things. As for the pastebin, the temporary name I’ve given it is code-fu. If it’ll stick or not remains to be seen. But at least I’ve got some things going on. Very exciting. :)