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Retain X amount of files

I encountered an issue today where someone requested that we keep the 10 newest backup files, while the rest of them (the oldest) were deleted. So I made this little script:


NUMBER_OF_FILES="$(ls -t $FILE_DIR | wc -l)"

if [ "$NUMBER_OF_FILES" -ge "$RETAIN" ]; then
    cd $FILE_DIR
    ls -t | sed -e "1,$RETAIN d" | xargs rm -f

This can be modified to match with any type of file or filename.

Introduction to tmux

I have been working with Linux for years, and I've always used screen when working in the terminal. I even wrote a small introduction to screen over 10 years ago.

So you can imagine my surprise when I at a very late point found out about tmux. It has completely changed the way I work, and boy do I love it.

Delete files between two dates

To delete all files in a directory, between two dates, use the find command:

find /path/to/dir/ -type f -newermt 2022-01-01 \! -newermt 2023-01-01 -exec rm -fv '{}' +