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Debugging latency using curl

I had an issue recently where I had to debug why a request to a website was taking such a long time. After a bit of searching around, I found the following bit of code:

curl -w "dns_resolution: %{time_namelookup}, tcp_established: %{time_connect}, ssl_handshake_done: %{time_appconnect}, TTFB: %{time_starttransfer}\n" -o /dev/null -s ""

The output of the command is as follows:

dns_resolution: 0.044536, tcp_established: 0.047217, ssl_handshake_done: 0.081556, TTFB: 0.216986
  • dns_resolution == Time to resolve DNS
  • tcp_established == Time to establish TCP connection
  • ssl_handshake_done == Time of SSL handshake
  • TTFB == Time To First Byte

The times are measured in seconds (ssl handshake - tcp time).

Request the same URL twice to see the result of Time To First Byte without an SSL handshake:

curl -w "dns_resolution: %{time_namelookup}, tcp_established: %{time_connect}, ssl_handshake_done: %{time_appconnect}, TTFB: %{time_starttransfer}\n" -o /dev/null -s "" ""
dns_resolution: 1.525, tcp_established: 1.630, ssl_handshake_done: 2.027, TTFB: 2.136
dns_resolution: 0.000, tcp_established: 0.000, ssl_handshake_done: 0.000, TTFB: 0.110

A neat trick to have up your sleeve when debugging!