How to join multiple .avi or .mpg files – Part Two

25th of May 2008 I wrote a post about how you could join multiple files that looked something like movie.avi.001, movie.avi.002 and so on. I found a new tool that does the job a bit easier, lxsplit. The syntax of lxsplit is like so:

[jorge@ashitaka ~]$ lxsplit 
LXSplit v0.2.4 by Richard Stellingwerff, O. Sezer.
Home page:

Usage: lxsplit [OPTION] [FILE] [SPLITSIZE]

Available options:
 -j : join the files beginning with the given name
 -s : split the given file.  requires a valid size
Splitsize examples: 15M, 100m, 5000k, 30000000b

    lxsplit -s hugefile.bin 15M
    lxsplit -j hugefile.bin.001

So to join all our files, we execute:

lxsplit -j movie.avi.001

And it will join all files named movie.avi.00{1,2,3} and so on. :)