Acer Aspire One USB rescue image

A lot of people have been asking about where to find a rescue USB image for the Acer Aspire One. A long time ago someone with the nick gouki volunteered to host the file on a private server, but unfortunately, this is not so anymore.

I have placed the file on a new server, so you can now find it at Right on the link and select Save link as to download it.

As for instructions on how to use it, I’ll repost a snippet of what I’ve written previously in the article Acer Aspire One Tips and Tricks: _ I had to use an external USB drive for this, as I don’t have a USB-pen that’s above 125MB, but it works just the same. Besides the Acer One Aspire, I’ve another machine with Fedora 9 on it. Once the external drive was plugged in, this is what dmesg came up with:


So now we know that the drive has been assigned /dev/sdb. Let’s make the recovery usb drive then.

WARNING: This next command will end up erasing your WHOLE drive, so be cautious when you type it. As root, type:


Notice that it’s /dev/sdb and NOT /dev/sdb1, as we’re overwriting the whole disk, and not just a partition of the disk.

That did the trick for me. Once the command was completed, remount the external drive and you’ll see that the new contents is there. Unmount it again, plug it into your Acer Aspire One, boot the machine, and press F12 during boot to select the USB-pen/external harddrive as the device to boot. You should be on your way towards recovery. :)

If someone happens to know how to do this in Windows, please give me a shout so that I can add it to this post. :)

A big thanks to Mithrandir for providing the file. :)

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