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Rapidshare Linux script revisited

Update: I just added a new variable in the script, DAYS, which specifies how many days the cookie you create is valid for.
Update 2011-09-13: Seems Rapidshare have been tampering with their API, which made the cookie-generating script useless. I basically changed the getaccountdetails_v1 with getaccountdetails, and the script is working fine now. I’ve fixed the script below to reflect this.

The code to get the Rapidshare-cookie in my previous post about this subject, Rapidshare Linux Script, unfortunately doesn’t work anymore. It seems that Rapidshare has moved from using to, so things just don’t work as they used to. This is for people with a premium account.

However, there’s a solution. First off, log in to your Rapidshare-account, go to Settings and make sure to check the box named Direct downloads, requested files are saved without redirection via RapidShare.

To grab the cookie you need, place the piece of code below in a file, save it, do a chmod +x on it. Just remember to replace MyUserName and MyPassword with your username and password before you run the script:

Note: The script requires curl to be installed.

# Script to get your Rapidshare-cookie, nom nom
# Jorge Enrique Barrera

# Variables you can change
USERNAME="MyUserName" # Username to your Rapidshare premium-account
PASSWORD="MyPassword" # Password
COOKIEJAR="/home/jorge/.cookies" # Where the cookies are to be placed
DAYS="30" # The number of days the cookie is valid for

## Do not change anything below here ##

COOKIE_STRING=$(curl -s --data "$DATA" "" | grep cookie | cut -c 8-)
COOKIE=" TRUE / FALSE $(($(date +%s)+24*60*60*$DAYS)) enc $COOKIE_STRING"

if [ ! -d $COOKIEJAR ]; then
        echo "Creating the directory $COOKIEJAR."
        mkdir $COOKIEJAR
        echo "Done."

echo "$COOKIE" | tr ' ' '\t' > $COOKIEJAR/rapidshare

Now that the cookie is present, you can proceed by downloading the files you want. Which way you do that, is up to you.

Either way I will paste two scripts, one with wget and the other one with aria2, and you can then make your pick. Just place the URL of the files you want to download in /home/YourUsername/Downloads/.url, one in each line:


cd ~/Downloads
for url in `cat $LIST`
    wget -c --load-cookies /home/jorge/.cookies/rapidshare $url

Save this file as and make it executable by doing a:

chmod +x


cd ~/Downloads
aria2c -j 5 -c --load-cookies=/home/jorge/.cookies/rapidshare -i /home/jorge/Downloads/.url

Enjoy. :)