Wallpaper concatenation with ImageMagick

At both home and work, I have a dual monitor setup. Having recently discovered the windowmanager xmonad, I’ve found a setup that enables me to use Xinerama, and at the same time have the functionality that a separate X screen-setup would provide me. But with Xinerama comes the Twin View-setting that the Nvidia drivers provide, which “merges” both monitors, and gives me one large virtual desktop. Finding wallpaper for it can be a bit tricky, especially the ones that are designed for one specific resolution. But this is where ImageMagick comes into play. What I want is two images, with different resolutions, side by side. You could of course use something else, like GIMP, but you’d have to align things manually, and why risk it when a simple command can do the trick?

First install ImageMagick:

yum install ImageMagick

..then do the magic:

montage wallpaper_1920x1080.jpg wallpaper_1680x1050.jpg -tile 2x1 -geometry "1920x1080+0+0" -mode concatenate final_wallpaper.jpg

By setting geometry to “1920×1080+0+0”, we set the preferred size of one of the tiles to be that, thus resizing images that are too large.

The results? Well, for me, this was it: