Ubuntu, Citrix, and SSL-error 61

I just attempted to install the newest Linux Citrix ICA client for a colleague, on Ubuntu, and upon a successful install, an error similar to this one popped up when trying to run the client from Firefox:

SSL error
Contact your help desk with the following information:
You have not chosen to trust”/C=US/ST=/L=/O=Equifax/OU=Equifax Secure Certificate Authority/CN=”,
the issuer of the server’s security certificate ((SSL error 61).

The solution to this? Make Firefox’s certificates accessible to Citrix, like so:

That should do the trick!

21 thoughts on “Ubuntu, Citrix, and SSL-error 61

  1. AB777

    Worked when I first installed this, now the same error but this line does not help any more, says “File exists” – understandably, since this was done before. Still SSL error 61. Any additional ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hgailey

    Perfect! Thanks, I have this problem every time I try a new distro and every time I forget how to fix it and have to google the answer. EVERY time I find the answer. Thanks to  Jorge Enrique Barrera and those I have gotten help from in the past.

  3. Matthew

    You need to copy the data into the install directory of citrix client – if you installed as non root user , that will be /home/$USER$/ICAClient/linuxx86/keystore/cacerts

    $USER$ is the user that you are entered to logon. ie – if you logged on as pepito , you need to use the following command

    ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /home/pepito/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

    Using Citrix receiver 12.0.1


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