urxvt and urlLauncher not working

I recently found myself having problems with urxvt. In my configuration-file, .Xdefaults, I had the following lines set up:

This would enable urxvt to highlight a link in white, and when clicking it would launch the URL in to a tab of my browser of choice. But one day it suddenly stopped working, for no apparent reason. After a little digging, I found the following in urxvt’s changelog, http://cvs.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/Changes:

– INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: renamed urlLauncher resource to url-launcher.

Changing URxvt.urlLauncher to URxvt.url-launcher in .Xdefaults seemed to fix the problem!

7 thoughts on “urxvt and urlLauncher not working

  1. Mic92

    Thanks, You made my day! My launcher didn’t work for weeks and I couldn’t figure out why.

  2. allo

    Thank you! I got a newer version, and thought, if the script is broken, some perl module missing or something similiar. Your post helped a lot.


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