Problems with XBMC-audio on Apple TV 2

I have an Apple TV 2 that I’ve installed XBMC on. For a while it was working great, but out of the blue suddenly the sound got choppy. I guess there was an update that changed something. The best description I have for it is that the audio sounded like a machine gun – very annoying! And made movies unwatchable. Luckily, there’s a way to fix this. You simply need to change some of the XBMC-settings.

Go to:

  • System
  • System
  • Audio output
  • Check/uncheck Dolby Digital AC3 and DTS as capable receivers

This should do the trick! It certainly worked for me, so sure hope it works for you.

Continue enjoying your movies and series!

3 thoughts on “Problems with XBMC-audio on Apple TV 2

  1. Jason

    so i attempted to do this and I don’t have that option under my audio output setting??

  2. Jason

    I only have showing “keep audio device alive” “play GUI sounds” and “reset above settings to default”


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