No Wi-Fi device found

I just reinstalled one of my machines with Fedora 21. The install went great, but when the machine was done rebooting, and I was trying to set up my access to a wireless network with nmcli (NetworkManager), I got the following error-message:

# nmcli dev
enp0s25  ethernet  unavailable  --         
lo       loopback  unmanaged    --         
wlo1     wifi      unmanaged    --


# nmcli dev wifi rescan
Error: No Wi-Fi device found.

Spending a lot of time finding what the problem was, I finally found the solution. It seems that Wi-Fi support in NetworkManager has been separated to a plugin. The package NetworkManager-wifi was missing. According to Pablo S. Torralba, who was kind enough to comment on this post, it should be enough to kill NetworkManager and launch it again as root. Should that fail, you can always try the old reboot-trick! Either way, it should hopefully be working.